GTA Online to recieve alternate sprint control

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A new update to GTA Online, called San Andreas Mercenaries, is introducing a few quality of life improvements. One of these improvements is a much needed setting to make sprinting more accessible.

Currently in GTA Online, players need to repeatedly tap the sprint button when using a controller. With the new hold to sprint control option players can sprint by holding down the button. Avoiding repeated button taps on a control used as often as sprinting will no doubt prevent discomfort for many players. For some this may be a setting that simply makes sprinting accessible for the first time.

While a toggle option would make this even more accessible by avoiding the strain of a prolonged press, it is still a welcome addition. And with a game that has been around as long as GTA 5 / GTA Online, it shows it’s never too late for these improvements. Perhaps these will be included from the start when GTA 6 comes around.

Besides the sprint control, the content update has a few other features that make life in GTA Online a bit easier. Players can claim all destroyed vehicles at once from Mors Mutual Insurance, and add custom description tags to garages. The custom tags should make it easier to keep track of player’s cars.

GTA Online: San Andreas Mercenaries will release on June 13 for GTA Online on all currently supported platforms.

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