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We regularly share accessibility pages on new games, today we share one about an older game. A dedicated accessibility page was recently added to the official State of Decay 2 website. Not bad for a game released back in 2018! The accessibility page for State of Decay 2 details the accessibility options including the improvements made in this time.

The new accessibility page starts with a commitment to listening to players’ feedback. This in order to make the game a more playable and inclusive experience. That includes adding to the list of accessibility options in new updates.

Accessibility options

Following that promising statement is a categorized list of accessibility options currently available in State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition. It starts with gameplay options such as the difficulty which is adjustable for three categories. Pausing is possible for singleplayer games, while this is not possible in multiplayer sessions. Audio settings allow for the volume of music, voice, and sound effects to be separately adjusted. Additionally, there are output choices to match your audio setup.

Players can enable subtitles and scale their size in 25% increments from 50% to 150%. Gamma levels are adjustable, as is the field of view (FOV) which is adjustable between 40% and 100%. Players may turn off motion blur and turn on a reduce auto-camera movement option. Together with the FOV setting these can help prevent motion sickness.

There are also options to help with cognitive accessibility of State of Decay 2. These include the ability to toggle the visibility of elements to make the game less overwhelming. This includes the HUD, in-world objective icons, UI prompts for finisher moves, tooltips, and notifications. Mini-map visibility and rotation can be disabled as well.


There are a few options to reduce the need for camera movement using one of the analog sticks. Players can turn off auto camera tracking, using the camera to target interactions, and aiming on movement stick. There is also an adjustable aim assist available. If needed players can swap the function of the left and right sticks on the controller. They can also adjust the sensitivity and invert the camera axes for both controller and mouse.

Remapping is available for keyboard and mouse, and most controller buttons. Players can set rapid button taps to a hold, and set aiming to a toggle. Remember zoom level is available which can further reduce repeated inputs. Lastly, players using a controller can turn off vibration.

As always, an accessibility page is a great way to communicate the available features and options that may benefit players. Or in some cases enable them to play at all. Even when a game has been out for a while, this information is extremely valuable. We hope to see this more in the future for other games that have been out for a while.

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