Redfall accessibility guide released pre-launch

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Bethesda Softworks has released an accessibility guide for Redfall in preparation for the release next week. The guide goes into detail about accessibility and customization settings in several categories. It also mentions a few aspects of the game’s design that may affect the accessibility beyond the options.

Communication and audio

There are a number of communication settings available such as voice chat. It can be turned off or on, and voice input can be set to push to talk, always on, or no transmission (always off). Speech-to-text and text-to-speech are available as well. For text-to-speech a choice of voice is available and players can set the opacity of the text box of transcribed text.

Screen narration is available in Redfall, but limited. The guide goes into further detail, but initial startup, starting or joining a game, tutorials and some in-game prompts are narrated. Due to the limited support some players might need sighted assistance. Improving narration is a point of attention after launch.

Subtitles are available, and players can choose to include captions and speaker names. The guide does not specify any customization options for the subtitles. It does mention that captions may not include all sound effects.

Redfall allows for separate volume settings for music, sound effects, dialogue, and cinematics. However, voice chat, screen narration, and speech-to-text do not have their own volume settings.

Gameplay and visual

Three difficulty levels are available and players can change the difficulty at any time. An additional difficulty level unlocks on completion of the game. Players can choose to highlight interactable objects in the environment and display damage numbers above enemies.

Camera shake, head bob, and motion blur can be disabled or adjusted. These settings help players avoid the motion sickness these effects can induce. A persistent reticle is also available for this reason. Additionally, the field of view (FOV) setting has a large range from 60 to 120 degrees.

Font scaling allows players to enlarge most menus and gameplay UI text up to 50% beyond the default. Three color blindness filters are available and their intensity is adjustable. Players can change the amount of time a notification is visible on screen, giving them more time to notice and read the information.


As expected for a modern game, players can remap controls in Redfall. The sensitivity of the mouse and analog sticks is adjustable and the Y-axis can be inverted. For all input devices, sprint can be a toggle instead of a hold. Players can adjust the input stick speed and disable vibration on controllers.

Menus may depend on cursor navigation with mouse or stick. This can be inaccessible for some players, despite options to adjust the sensitivity. Menu navigation may receive improvements after launch.

Accessibility beyond settings

The guide also mentions several features that may have an impact on accessibility outside of settings. For example there is a ping system to complement (voice) chat, that can make communication easier. Players can also review narrative items and tutorials in the game’s Archive. Tutorials can be disabled in the settings if a player wants to do so.

Players can unlock safehouses and fast travel locations during play, providing them with faster travel times, and spaces to rest and refill supplies.

On first startup of Redfall, players are able to view and change settings for voice chat, text-to-speech, speech-to-text, screen narration, audio volumes, subtitles, font scaling, and colorblind filters. This should help players start the game with many of the settings they need.

For all the details and the complete information, we recommend clicking through to the accessibility guide for Redfall. Releasing detailed accessibility info like this guide before launch is a great way to inform and prepare players about the features. We’ve seen this kind of accessibility guide for Hi-Fi Rush as well, and we hope Bethesda Softworks can continue this trend. Redfall will release next week on May 2nd, for Xbox Series X|S and PC. It is included with Game Pass on day one.

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