Bungie revamps accessibility in Destiny 2

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In an extensive news article about accessibility, Bungie has shared the work they have done on Destiny 2. The article details existing features that are getting updates, as well as entirely new features. Guided by their internal initiative Accessibility @ Bungie, they aim to keep accessibility at the forefront for Destiny 2.

Full Auto settings & Swap controls

The Full Auto setting is getting renamed. When enabled, weapons continue firing as long as the trigger or button is held. This setting was available since season 19 and will now be named Full Auto Firing, as a new setting is added. The new setting is called Full Auto Melee, providing the same function as Full Auto Firing but for melee weapons. In both instances this can help players with limited mobility avoid fatigue from repeated trigger pulls or button presses.

Also starting in season 21, players using a controller can choose to swap the buttons that are used to confirm or cancel.

Color settings

Reticle color  

Complementing the existing option to customize the reticle color, is the Targeted Reticle Color option. This option allows players to set a custom color for the reticle when aiming at an enemy. This also applies to the headshot dot and hit indicator UI elements.

Before this color was affected by colorblind settings, with this change that will no longer be the case. Aside from colorblind players this can also be beneficial to players with low vision or cognitive issues.

The subtitle options in Destiny 2. The Text Color option is selected showing a dropdown menu with colored rectangles.
Below the options a preview is visible.


For subtitles a new yellow color is added. To make choosing the right color easier, the selection now works similar to the reticle color selection. That means the colors are available in a dropdown menu, and shown as colored blocks instead of textual labels.


The article also shared some insight in the design of the commendations. These have 4 different color profiles for the categories of commendations. Combined with the color preset these categories should be visually distinct enough for all players. The visual effects shown in the Post Game Carnage Report (PGCR) screen are also affected by the color preset. This is to make sure these colors remain consistent wherever you encounter them.

The article goes into more detail accompanied with screenshots and videos, so please do take a look there. Articles like these are a great way to share accessibility information. They provide players old and new with a way to check out the features and changes without being in-game. The only caveat is missing alt text on the images, but I’m sure they’ll take note of this.

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