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If you, like me, found certain Quick Time Events (QTEs) in Hi-Fi RUSH a too strict, this update is for you. In its third update for Hi-Fi RUSH, developer Tango Gameworks addresses the issue by adding two assist modes. The assist modes are available in easy and normal difficulty. Players can find them at the bottom of the accessibility menu of Hi-Fi RUSH.

2D Rhythm Game Assist

The 2D Rhythm Game Assist makes the environmental QTEs such as enabling generators more forgiving. It does so by increasing the amount of time a player has to hit the correct input. Players will still need to hit the correct input for 70% of the prompts given. With the option to simplified inputs to one button, this makes the QTEs a lot more forgiving.

For example; a player encounters a QTE with a tap, hold, and two more taps. They can miss the hold or one of the taps and still succeed. Aside from generators, this applies to several other QTEs that players need to complete to progress further in the game.

Auto Rhythm Parry

This assist is the big one for me. It can save players the added frustration of failing QTEs in combat, where the stakes are much higher. At a certain point in the game it becomes necessary to parry and dodge enemies in a certain rhythm. This sequence is played before the attack and the timing and action must be memorized and matched.

Auto Rhythm Parry makes it so that a player can time and hold one action. The game will then automatically parry or dodge on time for the remainder of the attack. If a player misses the timing on the first action, they may still time it correctly on a following action. For these events it’s also required to parry or dodge most of the sequence. Hitting the first parry or dodge on time and holding the button will make sure this happens.

Auto Rhythm Parry can be used on the rhythm parry attacks from regular enemies and bosses. VU-REV’s grab attacks, and lasers that can only be destroyed by completing a QTE will also be affected. If there is a finishing blow after the sequence, that will still need to be timed correctly. Luckily those aren’t strictly necessary to proceed.

Hope for more

These events blocked my progress a few times which was very frustrating. Especially so when the rest of the game is very forgiving in the timing of attacks and combos. Personally I also found the QTEs involved with using a companion’s skill outside of battle troublesome. Maybe those can be addressed with an assist feature as well, I initially hoped the update included these. However, with these assists the update definitely makes Hi-Fi RUSH more accessible without sacrificing any of the challenge or fun.

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