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Mail Time, the cozy mail delivery indie game that releases later this month has a dedicated accessibility page on the game’s website. This page details what you can expect in terms of accessibility considerations and the options available in the game. The developer also shares a checklist they followed, based on the Game Accessibility Guidelines. That checklist also gives a good indication of what to expect, and what is not possible (yet). This is a refreshingly transparent and honest way to share this information.

Accessibility features explained

The page shares how certain accessibility features work in Mail Time. It also explains how some of the options work, like the camera assist and camera reset. The quick start feature is also explained, which can be used to skip the character creation.

While talking to characters, each has a unique color assigned to them. When a name is first mentioned, a small icon of their face will be shown as well. Talking to the character again will result in more hints or information being given to the player.

More than just listing the options

Aside from showing specific accessibility features, simply sharing all the options that are available is helpful for players. Having this information helps to decide if they could play the game when their needs aren’t complex. When a developer or publisher is unsure about accessibility, listing the options is a great way to share this information. Doing both when possible, like Mail Time does, is better of course.

On opening the settings menu, a few things are easily available in a quick access page. This includes volume sliders, language and character settings. It also includes a button to a menu which provides an option to reset a stuck player’s position.  

The general settings listed on the Mail Time accessibility page. An image of the settings is shown on the left, while an expandable list is shown on the right. The autosave explanation is expanded.

The other options are listed by category, and the page includes explanations on what the option does. For certain options, like those to do with camera motion, it explains why a setting could be beneficial to players. One notable omission is remapping, but the checklist notes this introduced several issues and will be addressed post-launch. For the complete list, see the list of Mail Time’s options on their website.

Mail Time is a cozy and colorful game that has you deliver mail to help the inhabitants in Grumblewood Grove. In the process you will earn badges to reach your goal of becoming a Mail Scout. The game releases on April 27th for PC. Versions for the Nintendo Switch and the PlayStation 4 and 5 will be available later.

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