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April 24th and 25th will see the European version of GAconf held in London and online. GAconf is the game development conference dedicated to making games more accessible to gamers with disabilities. The event features talks and networking opportunities for all disciplines of the games industry.

Topics and line-up

As always the GAconf schedule covers a wide range of topics, including deep dives on individual features and processes like Sea of Thieves narration, accessibility planning methods, and use of diary studies for accessibility UR. Expect to see case studies on games like Deathloop, Lego: Skywalker Saga, and Stories of Blossom. Panel discussions are a fixture of GAconf, this edition will see discussions on personal lived experiences of gamers with chronic pain and on accessibility in QA. Other sessions include gaming with a progressive condition, the representation of disability in Just Dance, how to track and measure your studio’s progress, blind-accessible stealth mechanics, advice for consultants, representing dyspraxic feelings in gameplay, modular controller design, and accessibility for deafblind gamers. There truly is something for everyone.

Speakers at GAconf Europe include indie accessibility superstars Soft Leaf Studios and Ben Wilson. AAA studios and publishers like Rare, Ubisoft, Arkane, and TT games will share their knowledge. And as always disabled gamers, advocates, and specialists will share their valuable insights as well. Expect to see Jamie Knight, SightlessKombat, Arevya, Kolo Jones, Barrie Ellis, Joe Kulik, and Antonio Martinez in this edition.

A room full of people at GAconf Europe 2019 listening to a talk held on stage.

GAconf Europe is a hybrid event in 2023, with an in-person gathering in London and online event through Zoom and Discord. The in-person event has an entry fee and requires proof of COVID vaccination AND a negative test for attendance. The online event is free to attend. Registration is open for both versions. GAconf Europe is hosted by the IGDA Game Accessibility SIG (Special Interest Group).

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