Just Dance 2023 Edition accessibility details shared by Ubisoft

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Just Dance 2023 Edition launches next week (November 22), and Ubisoft has released another accessibility spotlight to highlight some of the accessibility considerations that are included in the latest installment of the popular dancing game.

The spotlight includes an interview with Senior UX Designer Chloé Grémine and Lead UX Designer Adrien Morisse. They detail the challenges and solutions they encountered in making the game more accessible. From the starting menu, song catalog, and gameplay there was a lot to consider.

Starting with the menu, Just Dance 2023 Edition has a new high contrast interface. This aims to improve readability with larger text and colors that have been carefully chosen for colorblind accessibility.

When looking for a choreography, it has been made easier to find maps to match a player’s ability or preference. This is done with accessibility tags, which allow players to find seated maps, or maps that don’t require floorwork or jumping for example. The game also includes its first ever wheelchair user in a map.

Accessible design

Ubisoft prides itself on inclusive and accessible design, so specific accessibility options may be limited to those that depend on user preference or may not otherwise be included in the default gameplay experience. Examples are options to adjust different volume levels and the option to turn auto-playing songs off in menus. This may help players to better distinguish sounds.

The HUD can also be customized by turning off scoring feedback, lyrics, and pictograms. This can keep the HUD less cluttered, helping players with visual and cognitive disabilities to keep track of what is happening on screen.

As always it is good to see any news about accessibility shared before a game launches. Especially with a physical game like Just Dance. You can read the Just Dance 2023 Edition accessibility spotlight here, for the entire interview and options available at launch.

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