Who your gifts enable: A message from Mike Matlock

Josh Straub2 minute read

Give to the Max 2022 is a week away now and we are asking for your help in supporting our mission here at Can I Play That. That mission is to produce consumer protection resources for disabled gamers and their support systems while employing profoundly disabled gamers, so lets take a look at the kind of impact that you can have.

Our current goal for Give to the Max is to raise about $3,000 dollars which will allow us to attend next years DICE Summit where we hope to gather more allies and spread the word about game accessibility and the need for competitive disability employment.

Currently Can I Play That’s twitter account has almost 10,000 followers. That means that if every one of our followers gave 1 dollar, that would not only allow us to attend DICE, but GDC and E3 as well. All of which are critical when expanding our network and amplifying our message. I’ve never been comfortable with the idea of asking readers who may be on a fixed income for money, so if you are not in a place to give, I understand. Whether or not you can give, please consider sharing this article and our other calls for donations in your personal social circles.

With your help, we can really make an impact and help spread the word about why accessibility matters and about how major companies can employ people with profound disabilities.

For another perspective on the work that Dagersystem does, please check out this video from Mike Matlock explaining the value of Dagersystem’s work, and supporting us at the link below.

Watch Who Your Gifts Enable: A Message from Mike Matlock on YouTube

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