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Forza Horizon 5 team at Playground games is inviting players to provide feedback through a survey. The survey aims to collect feedback on the Sign Language feature in Forza Horizon 5. It was initiated by Madeline Tate and Taryna Smith, with help from Jasa Lilium from Xbox Research.

The sign language feature was added earlier this year enabling players to view sign language interpreters in ASL (American Sign Language) or BSL (British Sign Language) during in-game cutscenes. We published an interview about the sign language feature in Forza Horizon 5 in February.

Question and answer using sign language

To accommodate participants, the survey is conducted in either ASL or BSL. The first question is presented in both languages, and after this participants proceed with their chosen sign language. All information in ASL and BSL is provided in video form, allowing participants to pause and replay as they need. Aside from the video, the information is also provided in written English.

Participants can choose to answer in written English, or in video form using sign language so they can answer in their first language. This method of feedback is a first for Xbox Research. According to Xbox Accessibility Game Studios Lead Tara Voelker, creating this feedback method allowed them to think about how to be even more inclusive in the future.

Players that had the sign language feature turned on, would have received an in game prompt or an email inviting them to participate in the feature. Feedback from people who experienced the feature in other ways, such as streams, is also welcome. You can participate in the survey here.

10 years of Forza Horizon

Aside from the survey, Forza Horizon had a big week celebrating its 10th anniversary. Today an update named Donut Media released as well, which includes new content, bug fixes and improvements. Some improvements concern the ASL and BSL in certain story missions. You can read the patch notes here.

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