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A hotfix released for Disney Dreamlight Valley on Monday addresses several bugs and accessibility issues. The patch notes for the October 31 Hotfix tell us these issues were brought to the attention of Gameloft through their customer support and social media channels. The hotfix aims to alleviate some issues with seizure and motion sickness triggers.

Seizure triggers

The game now shows players a seizure warning on starting the game, something we often see. Going beyond that, an option has been added to toggle off in-game flash effects to reduce potential triggers. Specifically, the toggle affects lightning and flashing during storms and the flashing effect when catching a fish.

Screen shake effects

The hotfix also includes a toggle that allows players to remove screen shake effects in the game. Screen shake is a notorious trigger for motion sickness and potentially affects many players, causing nausea and headaches. Enabling the toggle currently affects screen shake in a few situations. This includes several shake and wobble effects while fishing. The screen shake at finishing a mining or digging action is also removed.

The developer is monitoring the effects of these changes and may address more triggers in future updates if needed. In addition to the above changes, an exhaustion effect has been removed and the text of an objective of a quest on the Sunlit Plateau has been clarified.

The hotfix also fixes several bugs and progression issues, which you can read about in the full patch notes. Gameloft thanks Dreamlight Valley players for reporting these accessibility issues, and invites players to continue to report any further issues through customer care.

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