World of Warcraft hotfix adds extra action button for Bypass Codes

Ben Bayliss1 minute read

A new hotfix for World of Warcraft is available with a new feature to help blind players who may be entering a specific dungeon. As the official blog post notes, Tazavesh: Soleah’s Gambit, Hylbrande, now has an extra action button. This can be used to deposit or drop Bypass Codes as well as interacting with the security panel.

A developer’s note highlights the reason for this addition, “Blind players are reporting difficulties with Bypass Codes because they are unable to drop them and they are unable to complete the mechanic using just /follow. We have implemented this alternative method to give players an opportunity to drop Bypass Codes so other players can grab them.”

Blizzard has been actively improving World of Warcraft and accessibility in steps. We recently saw a major titled update Dragonflight. This saw a revamped HUD that allows players to customize and assign layouts to scenarios. Prior to the update, an in-game elixir was made available for consumption. This is designed for those struggling with background motion.

The patch notes above for the hotfix also show previous recent hotfixes. While not specifically targeting accessibility, these can have an effect on how accessible the game is. For example, players can now queue for Battlegrounds through the PvP menu instead of locating the Battlemaster. Those fishing now get nibbles to indicate that their fishing levels are too low for their area of choice.

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