Moving Out 2 will have accessibility and assist modes

Ben Bayliss1 minute read

Moving Out 2 from SMG Studio has been officially revealed during Gamescom 2022, and accessibility is, once again, going to be present. The original title was open about accessibility before the launch and then we ran a review when it became available.

The official trailer for Moving Out 2 doesn’t point to much regarding accessibility, but does show off a quick tease at more representation. In fact, accessibility was highlighted after the show on Twitter when developer, Matt Clements tweeted that there will be an assist mode and a “wide array of accessibility options.”

Watch Moving Out 2 | Announcement Trailer on YouTube

Moving Out 2, like the previous title, will find players working together with friends to gather up furniture in various and more puzzling homes. Taking those items to the moving truck outside, and overcoming some obstacles along the way. In general, players fight against the clock to get as much as they can for a pass. It’s a bit similar to the Overcooked! titles, but more…moving housey.

What players can expect hasn’t yet been fully detailed, however, if we’re to assume returning features, then there should be a good number of options. These include options such as a scaleable UI, dyslexic-friendly text, subtitles, keyboard remapping, controller presets. toggles and assist modes to adjust the gameplay experience.

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