Sniper Elite 5 June patch introduces accessibility additions

Ben Bayliss1 minute read

The Sniper Elite 5 June update is one for accessibility and covers settings, interface, and gameplay improvements. The Nazi-shooting sniper game from Rebellion launched last month and a new update has landed just over a month from launch, and it appears as if all of the features, bar one, have arrived on all available platforms.

Posted to the official Sniper Elite Twitter, the tweets announce that “highly requested accessibility improvements have rolled out. A Toggle Stealth Highlight will show enemy outlines and can be toggled in the Difficulty Customisation setting under “Greatly Reduced HUD.” Toggle Aim is also implemented and for those on PS5, the haptic triggers are compatible allowing soft touch for drawing the weapon and a hard press for aiming down the iron sights. For those on PC there’s a Field of View slider now available from 60-120.

You’ll also be able to pan your map using the keyboard now, as well as toggling the radial menu as opposed to holding. In addition, a number of auto features can be applied so you can now enable Auto Run, Auto Climb, and Auto Traversal.

Other improvements have been applied to the game such as balance changes and fixes. Feedback on “controller dead zones” is also being investigated with improvements already in place to make way for further support in future patches.

The Sniper Elite 5 accessibility section of the patch states, “we want to make sure we’re helping our players and removing unnecessary barriers – please continue to reach out through our Accessibility Discord channel, the Help Centre or via Twitter.”

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