8BitDo Lite SE is a new accessibility-focused controller

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Producer of controllers 8BitDo is introducing a new controller aimed at providing a more accessible experience for players with limited mobility. The development of the 8BitDo Lite SE happened with input from Andreas and Oskar Karlsson, a father-son duo from Sweden. Oskar has limited mobility and has used custom-built controllers in the past with mixed success.

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Accessible controller design

The collaboration has resulted in a controller that has less resistance and increased sensitivity on the buttons and the joysticks. The controls for L3 and R3 have dedicated buttons to avoid the need for stick clicks. None of the buttons are recessed and they all seem similarly sized, potentially making it easier to press them.

To keep every button within reach of the player, all controls are on the face of the controller. 8BitDo fitted the back of the Lite SE with a non-slip material. This allows players to keep the controller in place on a flat surface, without the need to hold it.

The build of the Lite SE is lightweight and compact. Roughly the size of a Joy-Con pair held together sideways, but a bit wider and lighter. It includes motion control and vibration functions. The controller also includes a customizable turbo function that might help players get past particularly nasty button-mashing sequences.

We’re seeing that more companies are embracing accessible designs in their line-up, and it is great to see them looking like any other piece of gaming equipment. No single design will help everyone, so seeing these different approaches give players more options at increasingly affordable price points is a very positive development.

The 8BitDo Lite SE is compatible with Nintendo Switch, Android, and Raspberry Pi. It is available for pre-order and releases on July 15th of this year.

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