The Quarry has a number of accessibility features including massive subtitles!

Ben Bayliss2 minute read

The Quarry is a survival horror from Supermassive Games where nine different characters have to survive the night at Hackett’s Quarry. We don’t have direct access to the game yet, but we have been sent some screenshots of the game with permission to use them. As it stands, The Quarry has some nice-looking accessibility features!

To start, The Quarry has a bunch of options to go through, including an HDR UI level, and some minor audio slider adjustments. There’s a subtitle area that has an impressive number of options as well. You can choose your subtitle type from subtitles only or include closed captions, the size of them, and the opacity of the background box. You can also enable a speaker label, enable open dyslexic, and assign a color.

In the actual play, we were sent the subtitles to get a better understanding of how they’re presented. In addition, we were shown a screenshot of the closed captions. The subtitles at their largest actually look large, and characters have their own colors assigned. The closed captions appear in a neutral white color and are indicated by brackets. You can see these below.

Sadly there isn’t any controller remapping on the console versions, but The Quarry does have an accessibility menu. From here, QTEs and their speed as well as the speed for choices and interruptions can be adjusted to give the player more time. Button mashing can be switched to hold inputs, a Don’t Breathe feature can be changed, aim assist is available, and there are color blind settings as well as a death rewind tool.

In addition, tutorials are available from the settings area which is handy for those who may need a refresher after some time away, or those struggling with onboarding. We were also shown some examples of the QTE types, and these show the player having to push the stick in a certain direction, or make a choice from selections available on-screen.

The Quarry is available now and features both single-player gameplay and multiplayer gameplay. Should we gain access to the title we’ll be sure to do a deeper look into the game. For now, thank you to our community for the support and for sending over images to help spread awareness of what’s included!

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