Saints Row Boss Factory has prosthetics and more representation wins

Ben Bayliss1 minute read

During the Summer Game Fest last night, the upcoming Saints Row title was teased with the announcement of the Saints Row Boss Factory demo. While not a demo for gameplay, you can customize your character how you see fit and get used to the in-depth character creator. As it turns out Saints Row is another game to now offer prosthetics for player-controlled characters.

The Saints Row Boss Factory demo allows for a bunch of different appearance options to be adjusted, one being prosthetics. You can add prosthetics for your arms and legs, and adjust the material type and colors.

Going deeper into the customization finds various skin types, including vitiligo options, muscle definitions, veins, scars, and more. You can also turn off symmetry to have even more control over your left and rights for slider selections. You’ll also find that there are no gender-specific settings, instead, sliders define your character.

Watch SAINTS ROW | Boss Factory Trailer – Character Customisation Demo OUT NOW on YouTube

Up to six characters, or bosses as the developer calls them, can be created. When the game becomes available, you can jump straight into the world as any of them. You can even share your bosses with other players apparently!?

The representation to this extent has been becoming more and more prominent in video games which is nice to see. Forza Horizon 5 includes prosthetics for characters, for example, and so does Halo Infinite with its Spartan customization.

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