PowerWash Simulator updated with Aim Mode to prevent motion sickness

Ben Bayliss1 minute read

On May 19th, 2022, PowerWash Simulator by FuturLab released a birthday 0.9 update that introduces Aim Mode which has been designed with accessibility in mind. The feature has been in talks for a while with the studio behind the game being vocal about progress. We’ve seen a number of social media posts about the update and also a Twitch stream that teased the feature in action.

The feature itself came from a survey carried out by the studio back in February. The default way of playing PowerWash Simulator is by cleaning surfaces by aiming a jet washer with free aiming. This is the same type of aiming you’ll find in first-person shooter titles where the camera moves with the item.

Aim Mode brings a new way of operating the water spraying contraption by locking the camera in place with a toggle. From there, you can move the jet wash freely while the camera remains locked. This feature can be incredibly helpful if you experience motion sickness and just want to clean surfaces without feeling woozy during doing so.

PowerWash Simulator 0.9 update also brought along a number of new content including a dirty train and a mini golf course. The patch notes do indicate that some players may find an issue with the controller control scheme not updating to use aim mode and that players can go to Options, Controls, and then Reset Control Defaults. This apparently does not affect mouse and keyboard users.

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