Peloton introduces Logan Aldridge as its first adaptive training consultant

Ben Bayliss1 minute read

Fitness company Peloton announced its first adaptive training consultant and Peloton instructor has joined the company as it increases accessibility efforts. Active amputee athlete Logan Aldridge shared in an official blog post that he aims to “reduce barriers to entry and work on a massive scale to find the ability for all Members to engage. By shifting perceptions, we have the potential to have no barriers of entry for this incredible community!”

Logan is the co-founder and director of training at the Adaptive Training Academy and can be found running a 20-minute full-body strength class on Peloton. The class was originally streamed live but users can watch and work out on-demand. This looks to be the first in a number of classes hosted by Logan.

Peloton aims to provide a variety of classes and content for its members and details its plans in the blog post. The company aims to invest in improvements to its products such as incorporating Google’s TalkBack screen reader on the Bike and Bike+. It will also establish “ongoing research practices that include Members with disabilities to best serve the needs of our Community”

Over the next couple of months, Logan will also be consulting with the content team at Peloton and its partners to “define our accessibility offering” over the coming months.

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