Steelrising has an assist mode for its Soulslike gameplay

Ben Bayliss1 minute read

The upcoming Soulslike game Steelrising reportedly has an assist mode as mentioned in a preview by Rock, Paper, Shotgun. (Thanks, Ian Hamilton!) The game itself is an RPG title that looks to carry dark aesthetics while also bringing over some similarities from the developers’ last RPG, Greedfall, which we reviewed.

Developer Spiders recently teased an assist mode for Steelrising at the journalist event RPS attended. The preview details that players are given the option to turn off a stamina management penalty, they can adjust damage numbers, and even make it so you “don’t lose your equivalent of Souls whenever you die.”

Watch Steelrising | Gameplay Trailer on YouTube

In the preview piece from Rock, Paper, Shotgun, there are a lot of throwbacks to Elden Ring given the Soulslike of it all. If you missed our impressions on Elden Ring, we found it to be largely inaccessible with unintentional barriers and a lack of features.

Not much more was revealed about the assist mode in Steelrising and just how deep it goes, but hopefully, it can make for a more approachable Souls experience. Hopefully, the Steelrising has accessibility improvements since Greedfall, especially given that while our review on Greedfall focused on deafness, we did note that the game felt “generally inaccessible in nearly every area.”

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