Uligo: A Slime’s Hike accessibility features detailed

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Upcoming platformer game Uligo: A Slime’s Hike has accessibility features detailed by the studio.

Montréal based studio Nôrdika announced the release of its first game, a precision platformer called Uligo: A Slime’s Hike. In the promotion of the game, the studio showed commitment to making an accessible platformer. It has detailed several of the accessibility features that will be available in the game.

First of all, the official trailer shows several of these features including color customization of your slime and other objects. The trailer also presents options to reposition and scale the size of HUD elements.

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Difficulty and accessibility

From the press release and the website for Uligo, we can see there are a good number of features available. We see features that allow players to adjust game speed and the amount of checkpoints. Listed as well are Shield and God Mode.

Remapping is available for both keyboard and controller. A “Sticking to wall toggle” makes me assume you can avoid holding a button to stick to walls.

Aside from repositioning and scaling of the UI elements, we also see options to change the size and font of text. Disabling background movements is also possible, which will be a great help for those susceptible to motion sickness. There’s an option to disable in-game tutorials as well, and I’m curious how well they help onboarding players, whether they’re experienced or new to the genre.

Color correction filters are available as well. These are often not enough for providing sufficient colorblind accessibility. However, the option to change colors on different elements is likely to improve the accessibility on this front. We also see the usual separate volume settings for music, sound effects, and interface sounds.

You can try out Uligo: A Slime’s Hike and its accessibility when it releases on Steam on May 13, 2022.

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