Sifu difficulty options and modifiers officially confirmed for 2022

Ben Bayliss1 minute read

Sloclap has confirmed that Sifu will be getting difficulty options in an upcoming Spring update.

Sloclap posted a tweet revealing the roadmap for Sifu, and it includes difficulty options and gameplay modifiers. The first free update will land in Spring 2022 and is noted to include difficulty options which range from Student, Disciple, and Master.

Not much else has been detailed about how these will work with the game’s aging system. In Sifu, when a player dies they respawn, but each respawn finds the attacks they deal becoming stronger, but the trade-off is that they become more susceptible to damage received.

Also noted is that the game will receive gameplay modifiers in the Summer and more added over time. Again, not much has been revealed, but the image appears to tease options such as “One Health Point,” “No Guard,” “Stronger Enemies,” “All Skills Unlocked” and a “Bullet Time” option that could be handy for those that require the time for reaction times.

This difficulty update was originally brought up during an interview on Twitch but was not confirmed to officially be happening. In addition, PC users found themselves being able to activate a high contrast mode, and Can I Play That was informed that PlayStation users would be getting the feature in an upcoming update.

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