DOOM Eternal update adds chat accessibility features

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A new Doom Eternal update 6.66 Rev 2 has implemented accessibility features for text chat alongside other improvements.

The latest update to Doom Eternal Update 6.66 Rev 2 adds several new accessibility features as revealed in the official Bethesda blog post. The ones of note are the new features to improve chat accessibility by providing text to speech and speech to text options. Also new with this update are chat translation and contrast improvements.

After installing the update, the first thing players will notice is an Accessibility Settings Notification Pop-Up Menu. This pop-up menu is presented after installing the update. It allows the player to quickly check the settings to make sure these match their preferences. The accessibility settings can be changed later in the Accessibility, Audio, and Video Settings menus.

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Chat accessibility

Text to speech features allows players to have their text messages spoken to other players. Several speech profiles are available for players to choose a voice they prefer. When receiving messages, enabling speech to text will have other players’ voice chat messages transcribed to you as text. For these, it is also possible to have them translated into the system’s language.

Contrast filter

Another new feature is a contrast filter. This contrast filter limits how fast brightness can change in-game and can help prevent eye strain or even seizures from harsh flashing from explosions and other effects. When enabled, players can fine-tune the intensity of the contrast filter through several sliders.
Additionally, certain menu items have their contrast adjusted to improve their readability.

Quality of life updates

The release notes of update 6.66 Rev 2 detail more bug fixes, some balance changes, and quality of life updates. Notable among these is a one-time tutorial pop-up with combat tips. The pop-up appears after you die while fighting a marauder and may prove helpful to those struggling with combat.

This update follows on from another Bethesda title which saw Quake Update 3 receive a handful of new accessibility options. Amongst other improvements, text chat features were also implemented.

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