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If you’ve become interested in Fortnite and what’s available for accessibility in chapter 3, season 2 due to the recently added Zero Build Mode, then we have a menu deep dive for you. You can find our updated accessibility review here that looks into the game’s many areas, and you can also find our more specific deaf and hard of hearing accessibility review here.

It’s also worth remembering that the existence of an accessibility menu doesn’t mean that the game itself is accessible. Instead, this deep dive serves to show players what to expect from the menus in case there is anything they need or prefer to see.

All images and information displayed below are from the PS5 version and could be subject to change.


Fortnite, from the main starting screen, will allow players to open a panel containing a bunch of online party information and near the bottom of the screen, a settings menu. From here players will find a range of menus and sub-menus as detailed below.


From here, there are some options to adjust the visuals with color blind modes and their strengths. The user interface contrast will increase the contrast for menu elements, for example, blues because darker and more…well, contrasted.

  • Brightness
  • User Interface Contrast
  • Color Blind Mode
    • Deuteranope
    • Protanope
    • Tritanope
  • Color Blind Strength
  • Motion Blur
  • Show FPS


There are various game options here for Fortnite as well as some options that are good for accessibility. These are options such as auto-opening doors, how the new mantling mechanic works, the inventory placement preferences, and more.

Language and Region

  • Matchmaking region
  • Language


  • Toggle Sprint
  • Auto-Open Doors
  • Mantle Activation
    • Hold Jump
    • Hold Forward


  • Hold to Swap Pickup
  • Toggle Targering
  • Mark Danger When Targeting
  • Auto Pick Up Weapon
  • Preferred Item Slots
  • Auto Sort Consumables to Right


  • Reset Building Choice
  • Disable Pre-Edit Option
  • Turbo Building
  • Confirm Edit on Release


  • Contextual Tips

Extra Game Options

  • Invert View
  • Invert Airborne Controls
  • Turbo Delete in Creative Mode
  • Tap to Search / Interact
  • Report Performance Stats

Game UI

For this section, there are a lot of options to toggle certain UI elements off or on, but one of the useful features for accessibility is the HUD scale.

  • HUD Scale
  • Show Spectator Count
  • Reticle
  • Player Health
  • Resources
  • Minimap
  • Quick Bar
  • Target Info
  • Pickup Loot Stream
  • Map and Backpack Keys
  • Elimination Feed
  • Net Debug Stats
  • Quest Progress
  • Reticle Ammo Indicator
  • Control Prompts
  • (Creative) Runtime Performance Stats

Touch and Motion

There are some touch and motion controls available to use in Fortnite which would come into play for consoles such as the PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch. There are also fine-tuning features that allow the player to determine when the gyro control comes into play and how strongly.

  • Gyro Aiming
  • Active Mode (Combat)
    • None
    • Scope Only
    • Scope or Aiming
    • Scope, Aiming, Harvesting
    • Scope Aiming, Firing
    • Always
  • Active Mode (Building)
    • None
    • Editing
    • Always
  • Look Stick Effect
    • None
    • Disables
    • Enables
  • Sensitivity
  • Vertical Horizontal Ratio
  • Steadying
  • Acceleration
  • Flick Stick
  • Advanced Gyro Options

Mouse and Keyboard

For mouse and keyboard, players get to adjust some sensitivity and controls. There are options to use the mouse for controlling airborne vehicles as well as the option to drive the tank with the camera rather than having it separate.

Mouse Sensitivity

  • X-Axis and Y-Axis Sensitivities
  • Targeting Sensitivity
  • Scope Sensitivity
  • Lock Input Method as Mouse

Mouse Flight

  • Use Sensitivity Multiplier for Aircraft Steering
  • Invert Aircraft Mouse Controls

Tank Settings

  • Steer Tank with Camera (Mouse and Keyboard)

Controller Options

Fortnite has some useful accessibility options for controllers here with auto-run as well as how hold timers work which can be useful for those who may need less or more time to confirm an action such as sliding. The adaptive trigger options for the PS5 DualSense also allow for adjusting the strength and starting point of the friction.


  • Controller Auto-Run
  • Build Immediately (Builder Pro)
  • Edit Hold Time
  • Slide Hold Time
  • Reset Camera Axes
    • Pitch
    • Yaw
    • Both
  • Reset Camera Time
  • Vibration


  • Look Sensitivity
  • Aim Sensitivity (ADS)
  • Build Mode Sensitivity Multiplier
  • Edit Mode Sensitivity Multiplier
  • Use Advanced Options

Controller Deadzone

  • Left Stick Deadzone
  • Right Stick Deadzone

Adaptive Trigger

  • Enable Adaptive Triggers
  • Use Effect For Press
  • Adaptive Trigger Strength
  • Start Position

Tank Settings

  • Steer Tank with Camera (Gamepad)


There are a fair few sliders for volume controls allowing users deep control over their audio output. The 3D headphones option only works for compatible headsets and the subtitle wheel and subtitle options are all available here too for Fortnite accessibility options.


  • Main Volume Slider
  • Music Volume Slider
  • Sound Effects Volume Slider
  • Dialogue Volume Slider
  • Voice Chat Volume Slider
  • Cinematics Volume Slider
  • Picture-in-Picture Volume Slider


  • 3D Headphones
  • Subtitles
  • Visualize Sound Effects

Voice Chat

  • Voice Chat
  • Voice Chat Method
    • Push-to-Talk
    • Open Mic
  • Voice Channel (Filled Match)
    • Game
    • Party
  • Voice Chat Notifications

Creator Options

  • Licensed Audio
    • Play
    • Mute Others
    • Mute All

Keyboard Controls and Wireless Controller

From here, players can remap their keyboard controls with primary and secondary inputs. There are also controller remapping available which can be chosen from a few presets or set to custom so the player can make their own layout.

Account and Privacy

We wouldn’t normally pop in account detail menus here, but in this instance, there are some options some users may find helpful. Mature language filter, text chat visibility, and anonymous modes are available alongside many other useful privacy options.

  • Epic Account ID
  • Logout
  • Return Requests
  • Player Surveys
  • Mature Language Filter
  • Friend Invite Permission
    • Anyone
    • Friends of Friends
    • No One
  • Hide Your Linked Account Names
  • Show Text Chat
  • Show Social Notifications
  • Can Receive Gifts
  • Auto Import Friends
  • Party Signal Requests to Join
  • Allow Cross-Platform Play
  • Show on Career Leaderboard
  • Anonymous Mode
  • Show Season Level in Feed
  • Hide Other Player Names
  • Hidden Matchmaking Delay

Fortnite is available on pretty much all platforms, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch.

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