No Man’s Sky Outlaws update improves space combat accessibility

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No Man’s Sky has a new titled update called Outlaws which improves space combat accessibility as well as other areas.

Hello Games announced and released a major content update for No Man’s Sky. The update called Outlaws once again brings lots of new content in the form of missions, ships, and others. One standout for accessibility in the list of features and fixes is the addition of an autopilot for space combat.

The new option, called Starship Combat Auto-Follow allows players to automatically target enemy ships. It locks on, and tracks, enemy ships, but still allows for player adjustments.

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The mode is found in the Controls section of the options menu as a toggle or hold action, allowing players to focus on selecting and firing their weapons without the need to steer. This makes these simultaneous actions much easier to manage for many.

The patch notes also mention the addition of an audiovisual cockpit alarm, to alert pilots to dangerous situations. Indicators using both visual and audio cues are very helpful for people having trouble noticing events on or off-screen.

Similarly, the position of the indicator for off-screen targets moved to the center, around the starship reticle. Indicators in a central position are helpful for those relying on visual indicators while keeping focus on the action. All of these changes should help to increase space combat accessibility in No Man’s Sky.

It’s exciting to see these options and changes in No Man’s Sky Outlaws recognized officially by the studio as accessibility improvements and not simply a quality of life update.

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