Scarlet Nexus Very Easy difficulty introduced for a stronger focus on story

Ben Bayliss1 minute read

Scarlet Nexus has a new 1.08 update that introduces a new difficulty for those that want to focus more on the story.

Announced on March 29, 2022, Bandai Namco’s RPG Scarlet Nexus has received a 1.08 update that introduces a new difficulty titled “Very Easy.” The official blog post states that this mode is “aimed at players who want less challenge,” and allows players to focus on the story.

A previous update (1.07) introduced a “Very Hard” mode to the game where information about what modifiers have been adjusted was detailed. While there’s no information on how much combat is affected in Very Easy mode through the blog post, the trailer shows enemies being slaughtered with one hit.

Watch Scarlet Nexus - Free Update ver.1.08 on YouTube

In addition, a new story demo will be available which will include the first few chapters of the game and “the possibility to keep the save data after purchasing the game.” This demo will be a useful addition for inviting new players into the game where they will be able to focus more on story and less on the challenging combat.

The update also includes the addition of objects from Tales of Arise, another title from Bandai Namco. Furthermore, the update is free and available for all available platforms.

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