Fortnite Zero Build mode removes the build feature entirely

Ben Bayliss2 minute read

Fortnite now contains a Zero Build mode where the building feature is removed from the Battle Royale experience.

Epic Games has officially announced Fortnite Zero Build, a new mode where the game’s iconic building feature has been removed. Instead, players will now use the world itself as cover with a recharging Overshield. Players can continue the verticality by using Ascenders to access blimps or use Mantling to clamber to higher ground.

Watch Fortnite Zero Build Gameplay Trailer - No Build Battle Royale on YouTube

Those who are aware of Fortnite will likely instantly think of a Battle Royale shooter with a building feature where advanced players are capable of constructing massive structures within seconds for defense. For those who aren’t a fan of the quick and flashy build feature, this mode looks to bring the enjoyment of the game’s shooting to the ground and could be a more accessible experience.

Myself, for example, I enjoy the combat but the building is where I struggle. As a result, players who are capable of constructing their massive towers get one up on me and I will, more often than not, get eliminated.

Fortnite Zero Build looks to be a permanent feature for the foreseeable future, and the new mechanics have been shown off on socials already. Mantling allows for climbing walls and ledges and the Sprinting feature also teases the Ascenders mechanic.

On March 20, Fortnite saw a variation of the Zero Build mode when the Resistance mode arrived. It looks as if the success of no building has been a beneficial update that invites more players to enjoy the game.

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