Astroneer accessibility focused Controls Update released

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Astroneer has a new Controls Update which includes accessibility improvements for gameplay.

Astroneer has released an update this week, announced on Twitter, focusing on accessibility improvements to the vibrant space exploration game. In particular, the update adds remapping and keyboard and mouse support across multiple platforms.

According to the patch notes, players can now use keyboard and mouse controls on all versions of the game. This includes the Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch versions. Controls for controller, keyboard, and mouse (including extra buttons) are remappable on all platforms. Aside from remapping, players can change certain hold actions to toggles as well.

A quick test on PC showed me that it can handle keyboard and mouse simultaneously with a controller. This opens the door for even more extensive control customization.

The patch notes also mention the upgrade was tested with the Xbox Adaptive Controller. Players can expect this to work whenever support for standard Xbox controllers exists.

Aside from these welcome control improvements, I saw improvements to camera movement in tight spaces. This can help those susceptible to motion sickness. And specific tooltips added and improved indicators may improve Astroneer’s cognitive accessibility.

The studio mentions remapping and keyboard and mouse support is something that has been long on their radar. We are glad to see they understand the importance, and that they finally were able to add it to the game.

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