PowerWash Simulator to get Aim Mode for accessibility in future update

Ben Bayliss2 minute read

PowerWash Simulator will implement an Aim Mode feature for those who may get motion sickness while playing the game.

The wet and splashy title from FuturLab will be releasing an update for PowerWash Simulator in the future that will implement an Aim Mode for accessibility. The feature locks the camera in place and allows the user to clean surfaces by aiming their jet wash while keeping the perspective locked in place. This seems to have come off the back of a motion sickness survey done back in early February 2022.

By default, PowerWash Simulator has players aiming their jet wash device like a typical FPS where the device is locked in place and the camera moves. However, to improve the accessibility of the game, the upcoming feature will have the new camera mode available as a toggleable option through the use of a button.

While the user can aim their device separately from the camera in this mode, by moving the cursor to the edges of the screen, the camera can still be moved. According to the Steam update the team has been “wanting to implement Aim Mode for a while” and while it can also help with motion sickness, players can use this mode for more precise cleaning or patterns.

In a new Twitch stream today showing off update 0.8, the feature was teased some more, showing the ease of switching between the aiming modes. Although as stated in the Steam update, Aim Mode is not going to be available just yet as it’s still a work in progress.

PowerWash Simulator is available on PC.

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