Myth Caller teases 2 accessibility features in new video

Ben Bayliss2 minute read

Myth Caller, an upcoming indie game, has had 2 accessibility features teased in a new social media video.

An upcoming indie platformer Myth Caller: The Nightmare Shaman has had 2 accessibility features teased in a video that shows them in action. One feature is a UI element that appears on-screen to indicate where an attack from an enemy has originated from in the style of a radial wheel. The other feature is a mode that keeps bullets visible but adds colored circles around them.

The hard of hearing mode could certainly be useful for directionality, although the demonstration does look like it could be made clearer. The circles around the bullets also help with legibility, allowing players to see the incoming projectiles a lot more clearly against the world.

With a planned 2023-2024 release date, Myth Caller‘s development has apparently been slow with the developer stating that “I’m still working on the options menu and accessibility features.” The game itself is a 3D platformer that combines monster-catching RPG. The “semi-open world” allows players to collect monsters, upgrades, and other collectibles. It’s detailed that the game has voice-acted cutscenes and will include localized subtitles.

Back in 2019, the developer worked on another title in which a one-handed accessibility mode was implemented. With consistent updates for Myth Caller being pushed onto socials, there could be more accessibility features teased for the game.

Currently, it looks as if Myth Caller is only due to become available on PC.

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