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Grapple Dog is a charming 2D platformer that has you zipping and slamming around the world and has been publicly open with accessibility heading to the game. Our accessibility review of the indie title praises the game for its approach to allowing the player to have control over how busy they want the world’s visuals but highlights how the controls could be exhausting on tougher levels.

If you’re looking for what the full suite of settings available in the game are then you’re in the right place.

All images and information displayed below are from the launch version and could be subject to change in the actual product.


Audio Menu

The audio menu only has a number of sliders available as the game uses music and sound effects throughout with no spoken dialogue. The sliders available are for:

  • Master volume
  • Music volume
  • Sound effects volume
  • Ambience volume

Graphics Menu

With Grapple Dog being a simple and colorful title, the graphics options are fairly minimal. Here’s what you can adjust.

  • Windowed mode
  • Window size: Complete with options to change it from x1 in size up to x4
  • Aim arrow toggle: Having this on shows the aiming arrow all the time
  • Hide HUD

Effects Menu

These options focus more on what is presented to the player to enhance the visual experience, although they are not required for gameplay enjoyment.

  • Screen shake
  • Hit Pause: With this on, certain actions pause the game for a moment
  • Particles
  • Weather

Accessibility Menu

Grapple Dog comes with a dedicated accessibility menu that tucks away only a few features to make the experience less arduous.

  • No damage
  • Infinite Jump: This option allows the player to keep tapping jump to remain airbourne and overcome greater distances or just fly through the level.
  • Backgrounds
    • Full: Parralax backgrounds.
    • Static: Shows a fairly static background.
    • Flat: Removes background elements leaving just the foreground.

Language and Controls Menu

Players can choose their language preferences from a number of localized languages, and there are only a couple of options for controls. However, full remapping will be heading to the title in a future update.

  • Vibration
  • Button Graphics
    • Xbox
    • PlayStation
    • Switch

Grapple Dog will be available on PC and Nintendo Switch on February 10, 2022.

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