Indie platformer Grapple Dog teases accessibility features

Ben Bayliss2 minute read

The upcoming indie platforming title Grapple Dog has shown off 2 accessibility features ahead of launch.

Grapple Dog, an indie game from Medallion Games and Super Rare Originals has teased 2 accessibility features through a Twitter video. These features include an infinite jump option and the ability to not take any damage.

Game designer Joseph Gribbin shared on Twitter that these features can be turned on “at any time” and clarified in the thread that there are no penalties associated with using these features. Additionally, Gribbin states that those who feel the features are cheating can just choose to not use them.

Gribbin touches on speedrunners saying that when these Grapple Dog accessibility features are turned on, there are little symbols displayed so that others know they have them enabled.

The video showcases an accessibility-specific menu where the features are toggled on. Following that, the playable puppy character is shown jumping up the level instead of making use of the different gameplay mechanics that seem to be present, such as wall jumping and grapple shots. There is also a moment where the dog runs into an enemy but takes no damage to the health bar…paw in the top-left.

Gribbin explained that during the development of Grapple Dog, “many people said their young kids wanted to play, but they were worried the game might be too challenging” and so these features are recommended.

Grapple Dog looks to launch on PC and Nintendo Switch on February 10.

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