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Unpacking simulates the experience of moving home and unpacking all your boxes filled with your personal junk. But Unpacking is also a game in which the developer has shared accessibility features on its official website, and it even has a dedicated accessibility menu available in-game. So we’re going to jump right in and let you know what to expect from the settings menu.

And as usual, we’d like to clarify that how many features a game has does not determine whether a game is accessible or not. There are simply players that may want to know what features are available to suit their preferences, and so that is what these deep dives set out to achieve.


With no boot menu, you’re going to have to rummage over to the settings menu if you want to adjust anything, and the first port of call, besides Language, is Audio. From here you can adjust the master volume, music, and sound effects, all through sliders without numeric values displayed.


In Video, there are options for choosing your display mode and the resolution. There are also ways to assign a save location for image and GIF saves.


Within the controls menu, you’ll have an option to enable or disable constrain cursor as well as adjust the cursor speed through a slider. Vibration can be toggled on or off and there’s an option to swap the left and right sticks for those using a gamepad.

This is also where you can rebind controls, allowing you to rebind gameplay controls and menu controls, although as our review found, this doesn’t extend to navigating the menu it seems. But you’ll be able to rebind the gamepad inputs as well as the mouse and keyboard inputs.


For the Unpacking accessibility menu, you can adjust the size of icons here but choosing from preset sizes, and you’ll be able to change the room swap animation from a slide to a fade to help with motion. When in puzzle mode, invalid items that have been placed in the wrong area will have red outlines, and here you’ll be able to cycle through alternative colors. Then there’s the “Allow items anywhere” feature that removes the puzzle element and lets players progress without having to find the right locations.

Unpacking is launching on November 2, 2021, for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch.

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