Tobii eye-tracking to become a standard feature in Pimax VR headsets

Ben Bayliss1 minute read

Pimax and Tobii have announced a new partnership that will make Tobii eye-tracking technology a standard feature for Pimax’s next-generation VR headsets.

A new partnership between Pimax, a company that specializes in creating virtual reality headsets, and Tobii, a company that creates eye-tracking solutions has been formed. Announced through a press release, the two look to include Tobii eye-tracking technology “as a standard feature” for Pimax’s next-generation of headsets.

Pimax’s next-generation headsets are to use Tobii eye-tracking tech that will “increase resolution, FOV, and frames per second with today’s graphics hardware.” It also looks to make use of immersive applications that “reflect emotional states with eye movements and other expressions.”

“Our first collaboration on premium VR headsets for consumers is an important milestone in our path to mass market adoption and it confirms Tobii’s leadership position for the extended-reality (XR) market.” said Johan Hellqvist, vice president of XR at Tobii.

Tobii eye-tracking is popular across video games, with its presence being notable in Minecraft with SpecialEffect’s Eyemine, but also across numerous Ubisoft titles with Far Cry 6 being the latest to include support. Additionally, Tobii highlights the HTC Vive Pro Eye headset on its official page that makes use of its technology.

Pimax headsets seem to be compatible with PC and Oculus Home, and the company looks to be holding a Pimax Frontier 2021 conference online on October 25, 2021. Tobii will be in attendance and more details on the partnership between the two companies will the discussed.

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