Grounded Hot and Hazy update improves and adds accessibility features

Ben Bayliss2 minute read

Obsidian Entertainment’s tiny-person simulator Grounded has a new update that has some numerous accessibility updates tucked away in the patch notes.

Grounded is a first-person title that launched into early access with an accessibility menu, including an arachnophobia slider. Since then, the game has been updated with content updates, and in the latest Hot and Hazy update, there are some improvements that some players may find beneficial.

In the official blog post, there are some changes and tuning that have been applied to the latest build, such as text notifications when an unhappy pet leaves you, some new armor classifications, and more. One improvement finds the game now prompting players to adjust their accessibility settings upon the first launch.

Other improvements are available for the game’s controls. The horizontal and vertical sensitivities for mouse and controller can now be set independently. Additionally, the controller movement stick can be inverted on either axis. There’s also an increase to the maximum possible value of both controller and mouse sensitivities.

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If the controller is disconnected, your game will now pause as well, and on the topic of pausing, players can now pause the game during cutscenes.

Audio has some tweaks as well with the introduction of an ambient background noise slider so players can better adjust the game’s audio to their liking. As for the interface, there are numerous updates such as a toggle for chromatic aberration, a text box for crafting menus to help with filtering recipes, and a UI element that displays your gas mask durability when inside of The Haze area.

If players have the “Highlight Objects” option turned on, players that have been knocked out will now be displayed with an outline. For Read To Me narration, if this is enabled, then interaction prompts are now narrated.

A bug fix is also noted for players who may have experienced it while rebinding, but now the options menu should no longer scroll “wildly” after rebinding a control with mouse and keyboard. Additionally, the accessibility and log-out buttons will be narrated when hovered over.

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