Bungie has an exclusive Everyone Can Play collectible pin available

Ben Bayliss2 minute read

Bungie has revealed a new “Everyone Can Play” collectible pin to support accessibility that is available for pre-order but only for US residents.

On Bungie’s online store, those in the US can pre-order an “Everyone Can Play” collectible pin, a physical and exclusive item that comes in at $15 and supports accessibility. While the official page is only viewable in the US, using an online tool to look at the page allows us to see what’s on offer.

“We at Bungie believe that everyone should be able to play our games, regardless of disability.” The item description reads. The pin serves as a way to join Xbox in celebrating accessibility and the disability community.

The pin itself shows a hand grasping a lightning bolt with an open door leading to an outside world. Bungie details that this symbolises that there are no barriers and that “possibilities are endless.” It’s 1.6″ wide with a rubber clutch and will be due to ship to customers in early December.

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In addition to the physical pin, customers will also receive a digital emblem for use in Destiny 2. With this being an exclusive item, Bungie has noted that orders are limited to 1 order per-customer.

All profits from the Everyone Can Play pin throughout October 2021 are said to be donated to the AbleGamers charity. After October, profits are to be collected by the Bungie Foundation and then distributed to other other organizations that do accessibility-related work.

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