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The weather is warm, the skies are clear, and you’re in the middle of a huge gunfight in Yara, the setting for Ubisoft’s Far Cry 6. Antón Castillo has plunged the country into revolution with his son, Diego planned to take over from his father. And with such a vast world to explore, there’s a lot to do. So at Can I Play That? we wanted to show you what to expect from the Far Cry 6 settings menu and accessibility available from launch. The below is from the PC build but some images are taken from the Xbox Series X build.

Booting Up

From the start, in typical Ubisoft fashion, Far Cry 6 presents you with a number of options, most that we’ve already seen revealed earlier this year. So let’s go through the windows that you’re presented with from the first boot.


The accessibility menu that appears on first launch.

The first option available here is to enable menu narration in Far Cry 6, and then there are accessibility options for colorblind mode before shifting into presets. These presets don’t show you what’s contained within until later when you open the settings menu.


You’ll be able to adjust your brightness here and apply HDR options.

Audio and Interface

The audio and interface boot menu in far cry 6

This section allows you to adjust the master volume and change the audio dynamic range. You’ll also be able to adjust the subtitles, their sizes, and whether to have sound subtitles/captions available. These also appear as a preview to the right-hand side of this screen which is great to see.

Languages can also be adjusted, and enemy outlines can be enabled as well as outlines for items that can be picked up in the world. There’s also an option for UI and font scaling, allowing you to increase these to make the text more legible.

Motion and Controls

Far Cry 6 boot menu showing motion and controls

Motion blur can be disabled entirely from this area, as well as having varying levels of camera shake and turning off the drunk and poisoned effects. Repeated presses can be switched off, and the aim type can be changed from hold to toggle. There’s a toggle or hold option for sprinting as well, but there are also options to convert all hold inputs to presses, or have Far Cry 6 not include stick presses. In addition, this section allows you to adjust inverted controls for looking and vibration.



Here you’ll be able to go through the more granular options for the presets mentioned earlier. From this area, there are adjustable options for vision, hearing, motor, cognitive, motion, and colors.


Far Cry 6 vision preset menu
  • Menu narration
  • Menu narration speed and volume
  • UI and fonts scaling
  • Enemy outlines toggle
  • Enemy outlines colors
  • Pickup outlines toggle
  • Pickup outlines color
  • Subtitles
  • Subtitles size
  • Names in subtitles
  • Subtitles background visibility
  • Reticle thickness
  • Reticle sway
  • Aiming Assists
  • Lock-on aim
  • Lock-on duration
  • Camera shakes
  • Poisoned and drunk effects


Far Cry 6 hearing preset menu
  • Master volume slider
  • Radio music slider
  • Dialog slider
  • Score music slider
  • Sound effects slider
  • Subtitles
  • Subtitles size
  • Names in subtitles
  • Subtitles background visibility
  • Sound subtitles
  • Speech-to-Text
  • Chat wheel


Far Cry 6 motor preset menu
  • Unlock mouse cursor
  • Reticle sway
  • Repeated presses
  • Camera shakes
  • Keyboard and mouse: Aim type (Hold or toggle)
  • Keyboard and mouse: Weapon wheel interaction (Hold or toggle)
  • Keyboard and mouse: Driving and shooting aim-assist (On or off)
  • Controller: Vibration
  • Controller: Aiming assists
  • Controller: Lock-on aiming and duration
  • Controller: Convert holds to presses
  • Controller: Aim type
  • Controller: Crouch type
  • Controller: Sprint type
  • Controller: Weapon wheel interaction
  • Controller: No stick presses mode
  • Controller: Trigger effect function and intensity
  • Controller: Adaptive triggers


Reticle sway

Aiming assists

Repeated presses

Camera shake


Subtitles size

Names in subtitles

Subtitles background visibility


Sprint type

Driving and shooting aim assist

UI and fonts scaling

Enemy outline and colors

Pickup outlines and colors

Audio dynamic range


  • Reticle sway
  • Camera shakes
  • Poisoned and drunk effects
  • Motion blur
  • Vibration


Far Cry 6 colors preset menu

The colors section allows users to not only choose a colorblind mode but also change a large majority of colors throughout the game. This could be from speaker labels, enemy outlines, an in-game digital device’s screen colors, co-op colors, and more.


Far Cry 6 gameplay options menu

The Gameplay menu has a number of options to adjust for the general gameplay with options from the presets available as well. Reticle sway can be toggled off or on, and there are aim assists available with lock-on aiming and a slider for the strength. Steering can be changed as well for auto-steering, with an option to automatically change seats within the vehicle. And for those that aim while driving, there’s an option to disable auto drive while aiming. Repeated presses can be turned off or on, and an option for photo mode to close down when taking damage.

For the co-op section, you can change the game to be open to-friends or private, enable the chat wheel, and also enable co-op friendly fire.


Far Cry 6 audio volume options

Audio allows users to adjust a number of volume sliders and the intensity of the audio dynamic range feature. There are options for subtitles, their size, speaker labels, and background opacity as well as sound subtitles being available.

There are options to change the audio language and enable menu narration as well as adjust the speed and volume. And then there are online voice communication options allowing you to adjust a push-to-talk, open mic, or off. Voice chat volume can be changed, and a speech-to-text option is available here.


For video options, the usual graphical options are here. With options to adjust the refresh rate, window mode, resolutions, etc. Graphics can be adjusted and there are some motion controls available here, as well as a few options for brightness, contrast, and gamma.

In Advanced, you’ll be able to enable V-Sync, framerate locking, the field of view, and more.


While there are controller schemes available, the controller can be fully remapped. There are options for a lefty mode and a one-handed mode, and sensitivity sliders for looking, aiming, and responsiveness. For hold and toggle options, there’s an option to convert all holds to presses, or to manually adjust aim type, sprint type, crouch type, and weapon wheel interaction type.

The new No Stick Presses mode is available here, with an option to combine moving and looking or wrapping moving and looking while aiming. And if inverted controls are what you want, there are options for these. The remapping can be changed for on-foot actions, transport, menus, and minigames.

Keyboard and Mouse

This section allows look and aiming sensitivity to be adjusted, inverted controls, unlocking the mouse cursor, and aim type, and weapon wheel indication. The remapping can be adjusted similarly to controllers above by allowing on-foot, transport, menus, and minigames to be remapped.


For the HUD area, there are options for increasing the UI and font scaling, having the reticle offset or centered, the thickness of the reticle, how the HUD is laid out according to your monitor, enemy outlines and pickup outlines.

Then in the elements area, pretty much all of the on-screen elements can be turned off or on, this includes warning indicators, health, radar, interaction prompts, detection markers, etc. Then there’s a section for adjusting more colors.

3rd Party

If you have a Corsair RGB light, a MSI Mystic Light, or Tobii eye-tracking device, you’ll be able to adjust options here.

So there’s a lot of options available, and if you’re interested in what Ubisoft had to say about the work that went into these, we interviewed game designer Douglas Gregory about Far Cry 6 and its accessibility. If you want to read the official post that details specific features a bit more, you can check out Ubisoft’s blog post.

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