Discord accessibility improvements include TTS speed and keyboard support for drag and drop

Ben Bayliss1 minute read

The latest update for Discord has introduced 2 improvements for accessibility.

Earlier this year, voice and text communication platform Discord announced that it added a new dedicated accessibility section to the application, and has since been improving the platform for disabled users. In a recent update, there are 2 new improvements that have been added for accessibility, and these are listed clearly in the changelog under an accessibility header.

The first improvement is adding keyboard support for dragging and dropping. This feature allows users to bypass the initial requirement for using a mouse to drag and organize different areas on Discord, such as servers, roles, channels, and more.

Now, this can be achieved by using the keyboard by using the new shortcut CTRL + D on a highlighted element. Once grabbed, the element can be moved with the arrow keys and placed with the spacebar or the enter key. Navigation of the platform’s interface can be achieved through the TAB key and highlighted elements are shown with a thick outline around them.

The other accessibility improvement introduces a slider to adjust the speed at which text-to-speech reads. By using a slider and a preview button, users can adjust the speed of speech read out to suit their level of comfort.

Discord has more accessibility features that have been added and highlighted on its official accessibility page. This includes showing previews and explanations on how to use the features such as a slider for saturation, sticker animations, and more.

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