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In Deathloop, you’re either playing as Colt, stuck in a time loop and wanting to break out of it, or you’re playing as Juliana, invading other players games and trying to stop them from breaking the loop. there are NPCs and enemy devices that are also trying to kill Colt. There’s quite a bit going on, and our review on Deathloop highlights some of the accessibility concerns. But curious about knowing what’s contained within the menus on the PC build? We’re here to help.

Boot Menu

When you first boot up Deathloop, there are a few options, but nothing really to cater the game to different player needs. What you do get is an option to adjust the gamma and then adjust subtitles. However, with no preview available, you’re just assuming how these look. What is available though is subtitles for main dialogue, or subtitles for main dialogue and surrounding dialogue. There are also 3 preset sizes and a slider for background opacity.

After these menus, it’s straigh into the main menu which allows you to play as Colt or Juliana. The settings is displayed as a cog wheel in the corner and opens the larger suite of options, each category having sub catergories.



For controller there’s no remapping available. What is available is a controller scheme “Open” that lets you view the assigned controller layout. Players can choose to have sprint as press or hold, and can choose to have the Y axis inverted. Camera input can be changed from direct or filtered but has no explaination behind what those mean.

There are sensitivity options, and auto-aim selections that come with a strength slider. And if vibration is your thing, there’s an option to adjust the intensity of the vibration.

Keyboard mapping and Mouse and Keyboard

The keyboard remapping allows you to remap a fair deal of the gameplay elements. Our review noted that these can, however, not be layered. But if you want to change inputs for weapons, abilities, tagging, and more, you can.

For mouse and keyboard,there are options for toggle or holds for sprinting and leaning. There are some sensitivity options, an invert Y axis option, and auto-aim with a strength slider.


Video Settings

This area allows you to adjust your usual graphical elements to Deathloop. You’ll find resolution options, display modes, field of view, brighter, and more tucked away here.

Advanced Settings

For this section, there’s a number of sliders to adjust some visual enhancements, so expect to be able to change the bloom intensity, depth of field, lens flare, and light shafts throughout the game. There’s also options to adjust sharpness and also motion blur, however it appears this option doesn’t exist on the PlayStation build right now. And of course, adjusting all the usual terrain details, shadows, and more are available here.


For audio and outputs, this section offers a range of sliders that can be freely adjusted. Master volume, music, sound effects, and speech. Although given how odd the audio mixing seems to be in Deathloop, you may wish to fiddle a bit.


Within this section, there’s an option to adjust the intensity of the headbobbing. Players can also adjust various elements, but the way some of these are worded make no sense unless you’ve been playing the game and paying attention. There is a way to allow automatic leaning, and auto-switch to weapons when one runs out of ammo. You can also make sure empty weapons are removed from the Quick Cycle mechanic, and have weapons picked up automatically equipped.

A few other options allow missions to be started with an empty left hand or with a machete in hand, and the default direction for Karnesis can be changed.


Language and Subtitles

From here, you’ll be able to choose what language text is in, and adjust all the subtitle options that were offered at first boot.


And in the HUD area there’s a lot of enabling or disabling available. Want to turn tutorial notifications off, or general notifications off? You can. Health and power meters can be turned off, the crosshair style can be adjusted with a Y-offset being able to be applied.

Everything else pertains to the majority of on-screen pop ups throughout Deathloop, from discovered locations, pickup log, interactions, objective markers, and more which can be useful for accessibility and visual clutter.

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