Path of Exile accessibility improvements for colorblind support in the works

Ben Bayliss1 minute read

Grinding Gear Games has followed community feedback to include some colorblind support, and they’re looking for feedback on the changes they’ve implemented for accessibility.

As announced in a forum post, the studio was part of a Baeclast Podcast episode recently where they encouraged players to email them with feedback on how to improve Path of Exile accessibility for colorblind players.

The feedback has led to updates to the inventory menu presentation, now finding the gem sockets having notches tied to them that correspond with the game’s passive skill tree. Previously, the sockets had one decorative style that sat over the colored gems. An example given for the new look is that the blue gem socket now presents itself with a notch pointing up to represent the Intelligence area from the skill tree.

The studio continues to look for feedback and asked the community for their thoughts on the new inventory menu. And the feedback has been strong, with users noting that the blue gem socket notches aren’t visible when the linked arrows sit over them. Others have suggested using different shapes for the gems themselves rather than notches.

Many have also been concerned about how small the notch itself is, saying it’s not recognizable and far too subtle. With over 20 pages of feedback, the developers haven’t yet responded to the feedback, but with so many different ideas coming in, there’s a lot to process.

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