Accessible Virtual Event Checklist

Coty Craven1 minute read

Is your organization planning a virtual conference or event? We’ve compiled a list of a few of the most important things you can do to ensure accessibility and increase attendance! Making sure you’ve done these things will make your event more accessible for everyone from disabled people to those trying to juggle a busy life!

Accessible virtual event checklist. Text of the checklist found below.

CIPT Accessible Virtual Event Checklist

  • Include accessibility info on event web site and in all promotional materials.
  • Arrange professional captioning.
  • Schedule sign-language interpreters.
  • Check all promo materials for alt text.
  • Check session time slots for processing, meal, and medical needs.
  • Format all presentation materials with screen readers in mind.
  • Check downloads and session materials for readability and screen reader accessibility.
  • Arrange a second stream with audio description.
  • Arrange for availability of transcripts and VOD.

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