There is now a free Unreal Engine accessibility learning course

Ben Bayliss2 minute read

Epic Games has revealed a new addition to its Unreal Online Learning catalogue that focuses on introducing accessible game design with the Unreal Engine to help developers to understand accessibility.

A brand new Unreal Engine online learning course is now available to those who wish to learn more about the Unreal Engine’s accessibility features These range from adding subtitles in-engine, how Color Vision Deficiency settings can be adjusted for legibility, and improving the UI to offer more options for the player to name a few.

The course introduces the user by having 5 minigames that are designed to simulate the experience of playing with various disabilities as you can see in the examples below.

Unreal Engine accessibility course screenshot of 5 different coloured arcade machines with "new game" on them
Property of Epic Games
Example of the Unreal Engine accessibility course showing a "Sleepy Cat" arcade game prompting the user to use the mouse to get the cat across the room
Property of Epic Games

Within the course itself, users will learn how to identify challenges as well as learn more about using the engine and building features in-engine which are teased in the below list.

  • Identify examples of challenges and ways to improve those users’ experiences inside of Unreal Engine.
  • Use the Color Vision Deficiency settings inside of the Unreal Engine and modify the settings at runtime.
  • Add subtitles to audio assets and adjust the font used for the display.
  • Create user interface options which are more accessible to all users.
  • Locate additional features and options inside of Unreal Engine that can help to add more accessibility to projects.
Watch Introduction to Accessible Design with Unreal Engine on YouTube

A preview of the course is shown above and gives an insight into what the user can expect. We see a chicken being the star of the example project, and even see a UI scale being adjusted. The course runs for 43 minutes and is narrated by Mathew Wadstein with full subtitles available.

This course now sits alongside other official courses for the Unreal Engine, with others teaching users how to create ambient and procedural sound design, using Blueprints, constructing environments, and many more.

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