New World confirms it now has no plans for controller support

Ben Bayliss2 minute read

New World, an upcoming MMO from Amazon Games will not have controller support despite previously stating it would.

The MMO game New World has just finished a stint in closed beta and on August 4, 2021, the studio announced that the game is being pushed to September 28, 2021, instead of an August release. This is so the studio can work on the feedback received from the beta.

However, back in March, the studio confirmed that controller support would be available at launch. In July it rolled back on that saying “New World will not fully support controllers at launch,” but noted that “all of the game’s inputs are re-bindable and are compatible with most accessibility control devices.” Yesterday, controller support was brought up again, but this time with the studio bluntly replying “There is no controller support currently planned for New World.”

This has many players confused as it comes across as if plans to support controllers have been scrapped as development has progressed. Going by a tweet in July, the studio told a user that there are “options with third-party software if you really want to play with a gamepad.”

Back in May, New World was confirmed to potentially have microtransactions that allowed the user to fast travel which led to conversations about monetizing mechanics that help players travel without fatigue. Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword was also a part of that same conversation after an Amiibo, sold separately allows for fast travel anywhere.

When New World does launch, it’ll be available only on PC. Can I Play That? will be attempting to reach out to the studio for comment on controller support.

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