Apex Legends colorblind support and reticle color presets are in the works

Ben Bayliss2 minute read

A recent Apex Legends update has targeted colorblind support for direct hit markers and reticle colors are on the way.

Taking to Twitter yesterday, Respawn Entertainment’s senior experience designer Justin Masse announced that an update went live for Apex Legends on July 20, 2021. This update introduced color blind for direct hit colors, something that wasn’t supported in the game before. They also acknowledge that there’s more work to be done with this feature, so we can likely expect to see more support added over time.

However, Masse also clarifies that the team is aware that some players were using these modes to change reticle color and that the update “has negatively impacted them.” A larger fix is reportedly on the way to allow players to change reticle colors to a preset selection, Hopefully, with the teased focus on color blind support and recognizing reticle issues, Apex Legends will have a vast array of colorblind support soon. And just in time too as a new Legend is on the way.

Additionally, one user informed Masse that in one of the most recent previous updates, when using Apex Legends’ trinatopia colorblind mode enemy armor colors aren’t consistent, originally showing armor as gold but now appearing as blue or purple. Masse confirmed the gold coloring was a bug that the studio wanted to hotfix and that what’s available in the game now are “colorblind friendly alternatives for red.” However, it seems a fair few members in the community are calling for gold to come back.

Apex Legends is due to enter its new season on August 3 where a new Legend, Seer, will be introduced to the game.

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