Road 96 launches August on PC and Nintendo Switch with accessibility

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DigixArt’s upcoming procedural road trip adventure Road 96 is due to be launching next month on PC and Nintendo Switch and the studio confirmed what accessibility features will be available to Can I Play That? in an interview.

Road 96 finally has a release date revealed in a brand new trailer, confirming that the procedural road trip title will be launching on August 16, 2021, for PC and Nintendo Switch. When it does, there will be a Hitchhiker bundle that will include the base game, the OST, and a digital book containing all the information of the events leading up to the time at which the game is set in.

Speaking to Can I Play That? in an interview, the studio confirmed that accessibility for Road 96 had been considered from the start of production. Players can expect to see features such as audio cues that are accompanied by visual guides that point you to the sound. A zoom function for looking around is available, subtitles are included, and there is text scaling available with an inventory that apparently isn’t that complicated. You can find out more about the accessibility features confirmed in our interview.

Watch ROAD 96 - Release Date Trailer on YouTube

Of course, how these features play out in actual play is another story and one that we hope to be looking into closer to launch. The game itself is inspired by Tarantino, The Coen Brothers, and Bong Joon-ho where players are able to take “thousands of routes” where they’ll be faced with a range of different situations as they make their way to the border to escape the fictional Petria. Each area they visit might come with learning more about someone they’re hitchhiking with, confronting a conflict of sorts, solving puzzles, or even playing games as shown off in the above trailer. There’s also a developer commentary trailer with subtitles burnt in.

With Road 96 releasing on August 16, 2021, for PC and Nintendo Switch, even with the upcoming Nintendo Switch OLED model, let’s hope that text scaling works wonders for accessibility on the handheld console! It’s not known if there are plans to port the console to other platforms at this moment in time.

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