Taming Gaming auto-tweet feature encourages developers to share accessibility information

Ben Bayliss2 minute read

Taming Gaming now allows users to automatically tweet developers about missing accessibility information and invite them to help provide that information.

A new feature has been revealed on Taming Gaming —otherwise known as the Family Video Game Database— a website dedicated to highlighting key information about games, including accessibility settings in a way for parents and carers of children up to young adults to understand. The feature now allows readers to click a link on a game’s checklist page that automatically generates a tweet tagging a relevant developer. The tweet invites them to fill in a form to highlight any missed features that haven’t been noted already on the website.

The website is densely populated with many titles such as Mario Golf: Super Rush, Biomutant, and loads of smaller games alongside blockbuster titles. Not all of them feature information about accessibility but do feature key details such as the age ratings, prices, and even if a game features microtransactions. The automated tweet looks to not only help populate the database but also invite developers to grow their understanding.

According to Taming Gaming’s editor Andy Robertson, the feature has already sparked conversations with developers, claiming that filling the form has widened knowledge with developers having said “I never realized, I’ll add that feature”.

Taming Gaming offers an overview of what a game is about and then shifts to a brief accessibility review highlighting key points. Games also have reports in which the website goes further into what settings are available.

Furthermore, the website has a range of content such as lists for different video game types such as highlighting educational games, games for those on a time limit, for different age groups, and more. It also delves into offering advice for parents and carers to help them better understand the what console to buy, how to choose a gaming PC, and even what subscriptions are best.

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