Mass Effect: Legendary Edition narrative mode helped with accessibility for this grandpa

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A narrative difficulty mode that was left in for Mass Effect: Legendary Edition offered the right amount of accessibility to allow a grandpa to have “the most fun in 30 years”.

While Mass Effect: Legendary Edition boasts graphical and performance enhancements across all 3 included games, it also kept the narrative difficulty mode in Mass Effect 3 for those who just want the story experience. Taking to Reddit (via GamingBible), StormRaider2000 detailed that every couple of weeks they visit their grandpa where the grandpa watches them play games for the story. Instead of watching this time, the grandpa was given control where they would make in-game choices without the worry of struggling with combat.

Grandpa was said to have gone for the heroic Paragon pathline where they had many romance partners. StormRaider2000 said that while his grandpa likes the story and can explore the universe, the difficulty mode has allowed him to enjoy seeing the battles and combat in action. While the narrative difficulty mode isn’t a new addition, it has opened the game up to a wider audience by being available through this modern re-release.

Watch Mass Effect™ Legendary Edition Official Reveal Trailer (4K) on YouTube

Steve Saylor dug into the settings of all of the included games for the collection, and while there are only a few accessibility additions, there’s not much new. Combat across all games though can be set to different difficulties like the original games, allowing the player to choose from casual, normal, hardcore, and insanity.

Following the successful experience with Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, their grandpa said that it “was the most fun he had in 30 years”. They’re looking at trying The Witcher 3 at its easiest difficulty mode next as StormRaider2000 detailed that their grandpa is a fan of the Netflix live-action show. The Reddit community has also been recommending numerous games such as Dragon Age, FableL The Lost Chapters, and titles from the Telltale Games.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S.

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