Psychonauts 2 Accessibility and Assist Features Revealed

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Psychonauts 2 is an upcoming title from Double Fine and a sequel to the original that launched back in 2005. Today, the developer showcased the games first-boot options on Twitter, highlighting that more exist within the full settings menu of which those were shown in a video yesterday for this years GAAD.

In a Twitter thread, (Thanks, James Thomas) Double Fine showed off various screenshots with no alternative text showing “Assist Features” that will be present from first-boot. Players can expect to be greeted with a brightness slider and text language options. There’s also an option to increase font legibility by switching the feature on or off.

Subtitles are also available on this screen with the additional option to have larger subtitles enabled. Localized navigation sign UI is also available here, which is described in an official accessibility feature Q&A video that was created for GAAD.

The video does lack subtitles [Update: Subtitles are available now] but does explain that the localized navigation sign UI feature basically changes all available signage in Psychonauts 2’s world to the player’s chosen localized language.

Watch Psychonauts 2 Accessibility Feature Q&A w/Senior Producer Kevin Johnson on YouTube

As well as the Psychonauts 2 accessibility first-boot screen, players will also see a mental health advisory screen that’s showcased in the video above. The video goes into the Settings menu to show off the wider range of features that are available in Assist Features.

Fall Damage, invincibility, and narrative combat can all be toggled on or off through the gameplay-specific category. User Interface options also allow players to adjust what was shown in the initial boot menu, but with the additional options here such as a camera shake intensity slider and colour blindness options.

In controls, Psychonauts 2 Senior Producer, Kevin Johnson explained that for accessibility, controls are completely remappable with overlapping. There are also sliders for vibration and camera sensitivities, and toggles for inverted cameras.

Psychonauts 2 accessibility revealed

Camera Assist is a feature where the camera will apparently make the effort to point the player towards the right path, even when the character is moving around. Triple Jump to glide can be enabled and so can levitation ball pulldown from glide.

There’s also a lock-on input mode that can be changed from press to hybrid (which appears to be a hold input from the way it was described.) These input types are also the same for the Radial Power Menu.

As for audio options, the master volume can be adjusted as can music, sound effects, voice, and ambient sounds. The audio menu also includes the basic subtitle option to enable. Double Fine’s Twitter thread ends by clarifying, “There is no “intended” way to play Psychonauts 2. We encourage players to use these and other options to customize their experience to their personal preferences.”

Kevin Johnson and Community Manager, Heather Alexandra mentioned in the video that players are welcome to reach out and provide player feedback. “Please let us know what you’d like to see to make sure that we are making games that can be as inclusive as possible,” Johnson said, “and you know, knowing that for us, that means, accommodating anybody that wants to play regardless of what those needs might be.”

Psychonauts 2 is slated to launch at some point this year and is due to land on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PS4.

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