SOLAS 128 Accessibility Update Becomes Available During GAAD

Ben Bayliss2 minute read

Today, Amicable Animal has announced that its 2D puzzler SOLAS 128 has received a significant accessibility update that is available for both PC and Nintendo Switch versions of the game.

The update has been designed to improve the game for those with low-vision, colour-blind, and motor/physical disabilities and the studio states that it consulted with Ian Hamilton to target the changes required to improve accessibility.

Specifically for visual, SOLAS 128 will feature settings for bloom and glow effects, allowing players to adjust them from original, low, or off. There’s also the same choices available for colour distortion/chromatic aberration settings.

Players will be able to simplify the game’s surrounding border pattern, choosing from the original design, a static design, or a solid colour. Player’s can also turn the flashing effect of this border on or off, as well as turning off the VHS-style distortion effects that are present.

Watch SOLAS 128 is Available Now on Steam and Nintendo Switch on YouTube

For SOLAS 128 motor accessibility, players will now be able to use a new input type which removes the requirement to hold a button whilst dragging. The original design of controls is a click and drag, but now players can choose to click once to pick up, with a secondary click placing the object down.

There’s also a new optional precision input method that uses directional keys —or the d-pad on Switch— to move the cursor and lock it to the game’s tile grid instead of using a smooth input. It’s also detailed that the control “can either be depressed once per tile, or held down as desired.”

Precision input can be swapped freely and used at the same time for analogue/mouse, and a new selection method will allow players to navigate and select important pieces with “Next/Previous piece” options.

Interested players can jump into a free demo titled SOLAS 128 Prologue and try these new accessibility features out. Currently, the demo is available on PC only but is due to be heading to the Switch later this month. The game itself is available on both.

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