New World May Have Microtransactions For Fast Travel

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If you’ve been in the loop on what games Amazon hasn’t killed off yet, you’ll know that New World is still in development with the MMO title still going through early testing stages. In a Twitter post from May 15, the developer shared some information after previous patch notes touched on an in-game storefront. Some of this information hinted towards rested XP and fast travel being obtainable through the store.

Rich Lawrence, studio director behind New World shared the statement on Twitter (Thanks, Jez Corden) where they addressed questions surrounding the in-game store. It’s noted that they don’t want players to feel as if store items are necessary to enjoy the game and that “All players will be able to play the full game experience we ship without having to make store purchases.”

However, at launch all store items are said to be cosmetic in nature, however, the statement goes on to say: “Looking towards the future, we will also test ideas on how to offer players quality of life items for mechanics like rested XP and fast travel, both obtainable in-game and purchaseable in the store.”

Fats travelling is a popular feature in MMO games, especially due to the huge open-world that comes with them. World of Warcraft gives players a free Hearthstone that can be used for teleportation to their assigned inn, for example. But they come with a cooldown timer after use. Additionally, Mages are able to use a spell to teleport themselves to major cities.

The Elder Scrolls of Skyrim also allows players to make use of free teleportation beacons that requires the character to physically touch them. If a player wishes to teleport without the beacon, it’ll come with an in-game currency cost

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I’m unsure if New World currently offers free in-game fast travel that’s tied to consumables in its early testing state, but the potential of offering a fast travel consumable doesn’t sit right. Especially when fast travel in games can be a useful accessibility feature for many players.

The Twitter account does attempt to back up this potential addition to the store by saying: “Boosts can be a way for someone who doesn’t have time to get more out of the time they can play and support the game and community in another way.”

Talks of fast travel in games, in general, was quite popular yesterday following Nintendo’s announcement of a new amiibo figure for its upcoming The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword HD. The amiibo being used to allow the player to fast travel at any given point as opposed to having to visit beacons with players upset that a quality of life feature is locked behind a paid barrier.

At this moment in time, Amazon Game Studios says that it’s welcome to any feedback regarding the in-game store and again, the addition of purchasable resting XP and fast travel seems to be a consideration and not concrete yet.

New World is slated to release on PC in August 2021.

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